Governor Winslow

Our Mission: The mission of the Governor Winslow School is to provide a quality, equal educational opportunity for all students in a safe and secure environment of mutual respect.

    Name  Role  Email
    Admirand, Erin  TLC Tutor
    Antos, Karen  Grade 5 Teacher
    Backlund, Dawn  Grade 4 Teacher
    Baird, Emily  Assistant Principal
    Banda, Patricia  Support
    Bowman, Jillann  Secretary
    Braudis, Carolyn  O.G. Tutor
    Brennan, Barbara  Grade 2 Teacher
    Brennan, Deborah  Café
    Brooks, Yasamin  Grade 1 Teacher
    Buckley, Laurel  TLC Support
    Burke, Patricia  Support
    Caldarola, Julie  Kindergarten Teacher
    Callahan, Terence  Custodian
    Callahan-Guimares, Colleen  Title 1 Tutor
    Canzano, Justin  Band Teacher
    Colafemina, Anthony  Café
    Collins, Janet  Grade 1 Teacher
    Conant, Meghan  SPED Team Chair
    Cooke, John  IT Specialist
    Devin, Kelly  TLC Support
    Duross, Ashley  Grade 3 Teacher
    Edwards, Sheila  O.G. Tutor
    Faiella, Tara  TLC Support
    Folsom, Kate  SPED Teacher
    Fultz, Deborah  Grade 4 Teacher
    Gallagher, John  Kindergarten Teacher
    Gauley, Deb  PE Teacher
    Giandomenico, Denise  School Psychologist
    Girouard, Sally  Support
    Goddard, Lee  SPED Teacher
    Gomez, Jane  Support
    Gorski, Paul  Custodian
    Hoxie, Patricia  Support
    Hubbard, Karen  Principal
    Ierardi, Jennifer  TLC LICSW
    Jackson, Sean  PE Teacher
    Jacobucci, Christina  Grade 2 Teacher
    January, Karen  Grade 4 Teacher
    Kelly, Anne  Nurse Leader
    Kelly, Catherine  Support
    Kelly, Katie  Support
    Kelton, Anne  Music Teacher
    Kilduff, Thomas  Title 1 Tutor
    Landry, Jane  School Nurse
    Lane, Stephanie  Grade 2 Teacher
    Langill, Susan  TLC Teacher
    Langlois, Claire  Title 1 Tutor
    Laputz, Amy  ELL
    Lenahan, Samantha  Art Teacher
    Logan, Sara  Grade 3 Teacher
    Lusardi, Christine  Grade 5 Teacher
    MacKay, Meredith  Support
    Marshalka, Paul  Grade 4 Teacher
    Martin, Christine  Kindergarten Teacher
    Masotta, Colleen  Grade 1 Teacher
    McDonald, Maryann  Grade 3 Teacher
    McGee, Lynne  Title 1 Tutor
    Moran, Cheryl  Physical Therapist
    Murphy, Janna  Reading Specialist
    Neprud, Laura  Occupational Therapist
    Noyes, Virginia  TLC Support
    Patota, C.J.  PE Teacher
    Pendergast, Kerry  Speech/Language Therapist
    Ploeger, Trevor  TLC Tutor
    Recupero, Sheryl  Support
    Reynolds, Paul  Custodian
    Ricciardelli, Linda  Library
    Roberts, Pamela  Reading Specialist
    Roche, Tracy  Grade 1 Teacher
    Sherman, Anne  Support
    Sombronsky, Beth  Grade 3 Teacher
    Stanley, Marie  Support
    Stehn, Ashley  Title 1 Tutor
    Talacci, Mark  Grade 5 Teacher
    Turner, Julia  SPED Teacher
    Varonko, Marie  Strings Teacher
    Vaughan, Rosemary  Support
    Whipple, Cynthia  Secretary
    Wilkers, Meghan  SPED Teacher
    Williams, Anne  Title 1 Tutor
    Wills, Roberta  Occupational Therapist
    Zimmer, Elizabeth  TLC Teacher