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    Ms. Irene Ekstrom
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School Nutrition
                     Announcing Free Lunch for All Marshfield Students through 12/31/2020 
    The Marshfield Public Schools are pleasured to announce the availability of one free lunch daily for every student in Marshfield through December 31, 2020 through federeal funds provided by the USDA.  The USDA announcement can be found here:
     Menu choices for lunch will be limited initially for the first three weeks to a sandwich, or yogurt grab and go.  Menus are posted monthly on the School Nutrition home page
     Students in school will receive two menu choices per day at elementary schools, with the students choice made in the morning in his or her classroom as usual.  Lunches will be primarily delivered to students and eaten in the classroom.
     Students in school will receive three menu choices per day at Furnace Brook Middle and Marshfield High School.  Students will select and eat lunches primarily in the cafeteria.
     In addition to in school meals, all students will aslo be eligible to order to receive lunches to bring home or pick up for remote days. Students that order remote lunches will be given their meals to take home on the following schedule:
    • Hybrid Cohort A (Monday/Tuesday in school) given three lunches on Tuesday to take home for Wed. - Friday.
    • Hybrid Cohort B (Thursday/Friday in school) given three lunches on Friday to take home for Mon - Wednesday.
    • 4 Day per week in school students will be given one lunch on Tuesday to take home for Wednesday.
    • Fully remote students will have parent pickup of five lunches on Monday.  Additional information on parent pickup process will be provided from each school
    Remote orders placed are for as long as the Hybrid and Remote models are in session.  If, and when, further menu selections are availalbe, there will be an additional order form provided.  In order to ensure your child receives lunches to take home or pick up, we must receive this form 24 hours in advance.
    At the beginning of school year, due to the varied schedule, the following will take place:
    •  Cohort A will take home 1 lunch on 9/17 and 4 lunch on 9/21
    •  Cohort B will take home 1 lunch on 9/18 and 1 lunch on 9/22
    •  Four day per week students will take home lunch as scheduled on 9/22
    •  Fully remote students will be eligible to pick up 2 lunches on 9/17 and to pick up 5 lunches as schedule on 9/21

    If your son/daugther is receiving remote meals and you wish to not recieve them any longer or have any further questions regarding the free lunch program.  Please contact

    Thank you for your assistance and Patience.