Special Education Department


Marshfield Transition Resource Website

  • The Marshfield Transition Resources website (https://sites.google.com/a/mpsd.org/mhs_transition_resources/home) highlights many of the resources available to families throughout high school and as students move into adulthood.  There are tabs outlining:

    • Transition Planning – What is Special Education and what services will your child be eligible for during/after high school?
    • College Readiness – Various college programs and supports
    • Career Readiness – How can your child access vocational opportunities?
    • Support Agencies – Massachusetts Adult Service Providers
    • Local Services – South Shore supports
    • Family Resources – Various guides for families
    • Online Resources – Websites dedicated to assisting youth through the transition process
    • Transition Assessments – Some of the transition assessments your child will use in their Strategies classes
    • MHS Mini-Courses – Mini-courses that outline how to use Aspen, Canvas, Chromebooks, Google Drive, Naviance and Disability Resources for Adults 

MHS Transition Resource Center

  • The MHS Transition Resource Center, located in the lobby of the Special Education Suite (Suite 201) at Marshfield High School is open during school hours and by appointment before and after school.  

    The Transition Resource Center is open to students, staff, parents and the community and is filled with tutorials, pamphlets, brochures, books, and technology that will support students and parents with meaningful transition 

    You can access a virtual tour here: https://www.thinglink.com/scene/897866647279239171

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