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    Systems Administrator



    Doug Hall

    Infrastructure Administrator



    Rodrigo Sa





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  • MPSD Technology Services

    The Marshfield Public School system acknowledges the importance of preparing students with the necessary skills to find success in society. Our goal is to use technology as a tool to improve teaching, academic learning, and lifelong learning. We are committed to providing access to varied technologies and instructional practices that will allow our teachers to transform classroom practices and students to prepare for their futures. In order to prepare students for the future, opportunities must be available for students to use a variety of technologies to engage with an integrated curriculum that provides opportunities to retrieve and process information, solve complex problems, work alone and collaboratively to communicate locally, nationally, and worldwide while developing higher-order thinking skills. MPSD recognizes the need to promote and support authentic and meaningful uses of technology which will empower our students to succeed in a complex and changing society.

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    MHS 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative

     Marshfield High School is excited to continue our 1-1 Digital Learning Initiative.   The immediate access to technology and increased use of technology in education will have a beneficial effect on educational outcomes. We hope to bring 21st century technology to the forefront of our learning as well as engage students in critical thinking, collaboration and communication. Each student will receive a Chromebook to be used in the classroom as well as at home for educational purposes.  Teachers will be using the technology to enhance instruction, assignments, projects, research and assessment.

    Click here for more information on MHS 1:1 Digital Learning

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