• Furnace Brook Middle School

    Maureen Kemmett, Principal


    Furnace Brook Middle School is a public middle school in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Our student population consists of approximately 950 students in grades 6, 7 and 8. The community of Marshfield is strongly committed to providing its children with a true middle school experience. With this in mind all three grade levels are divided into three clusters, or teams, consisting of approximately 110 students. Each cluster is assigned 5 teachers each of whom teaches a specialized subject area - Math, English and Language Arts, Science, Social Studies or a world language.  All grade levels are located in a separate wing or floor, and each cluster occupies a specified area thus turning a physically large school into nine smaller school settings. This configuration helps provide all of our students a sense of belonging. Students participate in numerous cluster activities and traditions that not only set them apart from other clusters in their grade level, but also develop a community relationship with their teachers. 


    Each student will experience a comprehensive special area education having classes in Music, Art, Computers, Health Education, Physical Education, Technical Education (Gr. 8) and Project-Based Mathematics (Gr. 6). The curriculum in special area subjects is considered to be core level in its purpose and is often directly connected to the content in a student’s core subject areas. These experiences are designed to not only enhance the student’s opportunity to learn but also demonstrate the relevance these subject areas share. Our music program is available to all students in several forms. There is a full band program in all three grade levels as well as chorus, string orchestra and music appreciation.


    The Furnace Brook Middle School has an active PTO.  Each year the PTO holds various fundraisers to provide enrichment opportunities for students and community. We have had the privilege of having several notable speakers come to our school and present on many topics including anti-bullying strategies, adolescent behaviors, drug and alcohol awareness and internet safety. Many parent members of the PTO are very involved in school improvement initiatives where teachers, parents, administration and students work together to address common areas of concern.  Some areas addressed are communication, scheduling of marking periods, technology needs, and improving the culture and climate of the school. This process of shared governance and community awareness has been instrumental in developing a strong working relationship with the entire community of Marshfield.