Principal, William J. Campia



    Eames Way School strives to challenge and encourage each child to be the best that they can be.   With “Parents as Partners” and a belief that the home-school partnership is vital we can assist each and every child to maximize his or her potential. 

    The Marshfield School Community celebrates its diversity and believes that is our collective responsibility to ensure that all students have access to the opportunities needed to develop their unique academic, social, and emotional potential.


    Currently, EWS has a student enrollment of 225 (Grades K-5); with two Full-Day Kindergarten sessions and two sessions each of Grade 1 through 5.  Every school year is filled with many successful activities undertaken by staff, students, parents and our outstanding PTO.

    For our community’s commitment to EWS, a heartfelt thanks!


    Eames Way School’s curriculum alignment and implementation of best teaching and inclusive learning practices serve our students well.  From Kindergarten through Fifth Grade it is truly a community effort to succeed and maintain high expectations, at all times, for all learners.


    Eames Way School prides itself on living by its mission statement every day. 

    It truly is a special place to learn and grow!