Principal, William J. Campia



    Eames Way School strives to challenge and encourage each child to be the best that s/he can be.   With “Parents as Partners” and a belief that the home-school partnership is vital we can assist each and every child to maximize his or her potential. 


    Currently, EWS has a student enrollment of 256 (Grades K-5); with two Full-Day Kindergarten sessions, one Part-Day Kindergarten session and two sessions each of Grade 1 through 5.  Every school year is filled with many successful activities undertaken by staff, students, parents and our outstanding PTO.

    For our community’s commitment to EWS, a heartfelt thanks!


    Eames Way School’s curriculum alignment and implementation of best teaching and learning practices serve our students well.  From Kindergarten through Fifth Grade it is truly a community effort to succeed and maintain high expectations, at all times, for all students.


    Eames Way School prides itself on living by its mission statement every day. 

    It truly is a special place to learn and grow!