• Marshfield Public Schools District Improvement Plan 2013 - 2017 consists of the following goals: 


    Improvement of Instructional Practices to Challenge and Support All Students

    • Instruction is student-centered, differentiated, and includes effective use of technology
    • Expand the District's Response To Intervention (RTI) practices
    • Implement the Educator and Administrator Evaluation System Model
    • Relevant, emerging technology is integrated into operations and practices


    Improve and Celebrate Student Achievement

    • Data is used to inform and improve student learning and achievement
    • Achievement and growth results are communicated and celebrated


    Create reciprocal opportunities for partnerships between community-school services

    • Students and staff regularly participate in a variety of community activities
    • Community members enrich learning for students and staff
    • The community and school district share resources and facilities


    Optimize communications at all levels

    • Two-way communication informs students, families, and community members
    • Current and emerging technology is used to improve communication


    Maximize the potential of students, staff, parents and community through effective leadership and operations

    • The collaborative culture prioritizes current and emerging practices, and provides time to assess their effectiveness
    • The District maintains safe, clean, secure, state of the art buildings and grounds
    • Sound fiscal planning and funding ensure realization of district goals



    (District Improvement Plan voted and approved by Marshfield School Committee on June 5, 2012)