Walkers/Bike Riders: Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed a few minutes before all other students. Walkers are students who are going home on foot. Students who walk home will be escorted by our crossing guard and assistant principal to the end of Regis Road. Parents are asked not to pick up students from the walker line.

    Buses: Students riding the bus home will be dismissed through the front lobby doors at 3:30PM. (Thursdays at 1:15PM) Buses will be lined up along the curb in the front of the building. 

    Car Line Pick Up: Students being picked up from school will be dismissed at 3:20 PM (Thursdays at 1:05PM) at the far end of the parking lot out of the grades 3/4 wing door. All vehicles should enter the parking lot and bear right, head toward the playground area at the far end of our parking lot, and then continue to circle around to the door. Drivers should remain in their cars in single file. Staff will see students to their car, and children will enter through a passenger-side door. Once students are safely buckled, drivers will proceed forward, and then stop at the bike rack. After yielding to pedestrians and buses, vehicles will exit onto Regis Road. Parents are asked not to meet their children in the front lobby.

    With student safety in mind, parking will not be allowed on Regis Road or along the circle in front of the school. Although parents are always welcome at Governor Winslow, dismissals from the front office/lobby should be avoided from 3:15-3:30PM (Thursdays from 12:45-1:15PM). Please note that students are working until the end of the school day, and early dismissals are disruptive to their learning and the learning of others.

    Please do not hesitate to contact the office with any questions or concerns. Thank you, in advance, for your support in keeping our students safe.