• Sped

    Marshfield Public School’s Special Education Department is committed to working in collaboration with parents, students, teachers, and the community to empower each student to achieve success. 

  • My child has been receiving  interventions, but is struggling...now what?

    If your child is not making effective progress through the general education curriculum, despite receiving interventions, they may be referred for a special education evaluation.  Upon receipt of the parent/guardian’s consent, an evaluation will be completed within 30 school days, and you will be invited to come to a Team meeting to discuss the evaluation results, determine eligibility for special education services and discuss any next steps that should be taken.  Parents/Guardians are an important and very valuable part of each Team!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


    Components of a special education evaluation may include:

              Educational assessment

              Academic assessment

              Observation of the child

              Health assessment

              Psychological assessment

              Home assessment

              Speech/Language assessment

              Occupational therapy assessment

              Physical therapy assessment


    Your Team may consist of the following people:


    General Education Teacher

    Team Chair

    Special Education Teacher

    Speech/Language Therapist

    Occupational Therapist

    Physical Therapist

    School Psychologist

    School Nurse