Business and Finance

  • The Office of Business and Finance is responsible for the business operations, budget development and monitoring, transportation, school nutrition, payroll and building services for the school department. 

    Business Operations

    Business Operations provides financial management for the School Department, including the development of financial policies and procedures, acting as fiscal agent for all external funds, procurement, accounting and accounts payable. 


    The Budget Office is responsible for budget development, management, reporting, and analysis. 


    The Transportation Department coordinates regular pupil transportation for all eligible public school pupils who reside 1 1/2 miles or more in walking distance from their regular assigned school and all Special Education transportation as approved by the School Committee or required by the State Department of Education. Totman Industries operates the yellow school buses for home to school, athletic, and field trips. MPSD and RAZ Transportation operate the in-town and out-of-town student services transportation.  

    School Nutrition 

    The School Nutrition Department's mission is to improve the health of students by providing an attractive and nutritious offering while at the same time enhancing nutrition education for the students.  


    The School Payroll Office is responsible for ensuring that all employees are paid regularly, accurately and promptly. The Payroll Office processes all related transactions for all school employee compensation regardless of funding source. 

    School Building Services

    The School Building Services Department provides custodial, operation and delivery, special events and maintenance support to all public schools in Marshfield.  The School Building Services Department also oversees the Use of School Building rental program. 

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Contact Information

  • Thomas Miller
    Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance
    781-834-5000 x40105

    Tricia Murphy
    Business Operations Coordinator
    781-834-5000 x40103 `

    Kathy Graham
    Accounts Payable Bookkeeper
    781-834-5000 x40106

    Jay Bastien
    Payroll Bookkeeper
    781-834-5000 x40107

    Judy Sacco
    Secretary to Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance

Business and Finance