Governor Winslow Elementary School

Our Mission: The mission of the Governor Winslow School is to provide a quality, equal educational opportunity for all students in a safe and secure environment of mutual respect.



    Volunteer CORI Form

    ALL volunteers and chaperones must have an approved CORI in order to participate in school activities. 

    Please call the front office to verify the status of your CORI.  If you do not have a CORI on file, please complete and sign a CORI Request Form and bring it to the front office along with a license or photo ID to copy.   CORI applications MUST be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior the event.


    Dismissal Form

    Please use a dismissal form to document any permanent changes to your child’s daily dismissal routine.  Return the completed and signed form to your child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible. 

    Once a permanent bus change has been approved, students may not switch back to their home bus on days that they are scheduled to go elsewhere.  Students must be picked up in the car line if they are not taking their assigned bus.


    Bicycle Permission Slip

    Children attending GWS in grades 3, 4, and 5 may ride bicycles to school, except in bad weather.  Parents or guardians giving their children permission to ride their bicycles to school must sign a Bicycle Permission Slip.  In addition, each child must be in compliance with state law requiring cyclists to wear helmets while riding bicycles.

    Please complete and sign a permission slip and return it to your child’s homeroom teacher. Signed permission slips will be kept on file for the entire year. 


    2016-2017 GWS Elementary Handbook

    The Elementary Handbook has been prepared so students, parents, and guardians will be familiar with procedures, available services, rules and policies that guide our Governor Winslow Elementary School community.

    Students and parents/guardians please read the handbook carefully so you will be informed. 

    Parent/Student Signature Page


    Physical Education Permission Slip

    The GWS Physical Education (PE) program is full of exciting and diverse activities that foster learning goals and promote development in the three domains of social, emotional and physical learning.   As we get to know your child, it is important that we know of any prior condition or alignment that may inhibit their performance during PE.