Adaptive Learning Program

  • The Adaptive Learning Program provides academic instruction for students who: 

    • Have been diagnosed with a behavioral, social/emotional or specific learning disability
    • Need small group instruction
    • Are not making effective progress in the mainstream 

    Goals of the ALP are:

    • To bring about academic, behavioral and attitudinal changes via a positive classroom learning environment.
    • To aid each student in making better decisions and choices 

    Each student will be provided with the opportunity for personal growth and positive achievement, enabling the student to eventually return to the mainstream or modified special education classes.

    Active participation in the program will assist each student to become a self-regulated, critical and creative thinker. 

    In the Adaptive Learning Program Classroom:

    • Core academic classes are taught
    • Small group instruction is provided
    • Positive Behavior Shaping Point System
    • Access to School Adjustment Counselors