Providing Opportunities for Students in Transition (P.O.S.T. Program)

  • The P.O.S.T. Program enrolls students who are:

    • 18-22 years of age
    • Challenged with moderate to severe special needs including Autism, Social/Emotional Deficits, Low Cognitive Abilities 

    Goals of the P.O.S.T. Program are:

    • To positively support the acquisition of functional academic and daily life skill sets
    • To collaborate with student families to support   student achievement of a fulfilling future as a productive member of their community

    The P.O.S.T. program provides:

    • Daily activities, lessons and learning experiences that are geared to positively engage students to generalize skills and knowledge towards independence.
    • Practical learning experiences used to target the acquisition of skills through positive learning experience where students achieve and apply progress:
      • Academically
      • Socially
      • Activities of daily living
      • Fine/gross motor activities
      • Self-advocacy
      • Community involvement
      • Overall health/wellness
      • At volunteer/paid job sites