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The Marshfield Public School District requires that you complete the Student Information Update workflow for all your children every school year. Please follow the instructions below and submit the new updated workflow by no later than October 1st.

The Student Information Update workflow allows families to:

  • View parent/guardian contact information (Complete the separate Parent Information Update to change parent/guardian contact info)
  • Update secondary emergency contacts
  • Sign off on the student handbook, photo consent, and Computer/Internet policy
  • Update physician/health, home language, and military family information
  • Specify permissions for SEPAC/PTO emails and class lists (elementary)
  • Electronically sign off (parent and student)

If you need to update/modify any communication/contact information please complete the Parent Information Update Workflow.

The Parent Information Update workflow allows families to:

  • Verify or update his or her own contact information including phone and email preferences.

Please click here for instructions on completing the information update workflows.

If after reviewing the instructions you are having difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact 


  • Pop ups need to be allowed in order for the form to open.
  • Please, double check the information before submitting it.
  • Make sure that if you have autocomplete feature turned on in your device, it won’t override what you have entered.

MPSD Aspen Portal address:

Username: lastname.firstname.fam

** If the Password field above is blank, it means our records indicate that you have already chosen a personal password. If you do not know the password, please email us at to have the password re-set.

If you need technical assistance with Aspen, please contact