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 Registered little libraries have a primary caretaker, called a Little Free Library steward. The staff at DWS  will collaborate to be the steward of our library. The stewards take care of basic maintenance like keeping the library clean and inviting, but it is up to everyone who uses the library to keep it stocked with good books. The Little Free Library will be stocked with brand new books for the grand opening on July 13th each book will be dedicated to a teacher at DWS. During this time we would ask anyone that returns a book to our Little Free Library to place the book in a plastic bag. If you don’t have a bag there will be some in the Little Library to use. The books in bags will be taken out of the library for 14 days then returned to the Little Library for use (This will prevent the spread of bacteria from user to user). Please don’t take any books in the Little Library that are in plastic bags.