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Covid-19 Update 4.5.20

Dear Marshfield Families, Students & Staff. 


I hope this finds you healthy and well.


Tomorrow we will begin our newest phase of remote learning which is based, in large part, on recommendations from the Commissioner of Education and the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE).  These were shared with school district’s across the Commonwealth and over the past week our staff worked diligently to weave many of the components of these recommendations into the Remote Learning Plan that was shared with the district last Thursday.


As I noted in Thursday’s communication:


Our goal is to support student well-being and academic progress, while fully understanding that the current conditions of teaching and learning are not like anything we have ever experienced before. This process may not be perfect and at times, it may be a bit messy. That’s ok!  We will adapt, work hard together and at the end of this process be stronger as a learning community


Teachers and support staff have been collaborating over the past week to ensure that their remote learning plans are engaging, enriching and meet the needs of ALL students.  Many of your building principals and teachers may already be sharing this information with you. With any new program implementation, there may be a few hiccups along the way, but I ask for everyone’s continued patience as we all work together to resolve any issues that may arise.  Also, as we ease into this new format, there may be some tools that we are not currently using but, after we have time to assess the initial implementation of the plan, we can always add those tools that we feel will better meet the needs of all of our students.  


For our elementary families, who may not have utilized Canvas the way middle and high school students & staff have, you are receiving information on your child’s canvas information and how you will be able to log in within a separate email.  In addition, as of Monday, you should no longer expect as many daily emails/messages from your building principals or teachers. At that point, by signing into Canvas each day, you will be able to access content and check-in information from your teacher or principal.  This will hopefully reduce the multiple emails you may be receiving from a variety of educators.


In closing, as we get ready to engage with our students in this revised remote learning platform, it is important to remember that remote learning does not mean you have to do everything in front of the computer.  As Commissioner Riley noted in his recommendations:


“Remote learning can encompass a wide variety of learning opportunities. While technology can be a supportive tool, districts and schools should also consider ways that student learning can continue offline.” 


With that in mind, here’s a link to an article shared by a few area superintendents that you may find helpful as you and your child (along with our educators) traverse the new remote learning landscape.


Remember, Online Learning Isn't the Only Way to Learn Remotely

Thank you for your continued patience, cooperation and support as we all work together to make the best of this challenging situation.




Jeffrey W. Granatino